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I made my first attempts at breeding German Shepherd Dogs in the autumn of 1992.

The dogs I had at my disposal were mainly for guarding the National Boundary.
At that time I focused my attention on the selection of dogs more on the basis of their working characteristics rather than the outer appearance.

In February 1995 I bought some dogs which not only possessed good character but excellent exterior as well:
the male one - Jeck von der Burg Haidstein from Germany and the three females from the Czech Republic - Dixi z Podradbuzi CS, Donna Framanto CS and Belli Drahval CS.
These were the basic dogs with which I started the selection and participated in various exhibitions and competitions.
Gradually, with their youngs, I continued working in my dog-breeding farm.

The dogs which I have bred have participated in numerous kinologic events in Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, The Czech Republic, Germany and America.

I hope that this page is well representative of my dog-breeding enterprise and the work in it and will be of interest to the fans of this breed.

Georgi Apostolov - Goppy,
Founder and owner
of Von Goppy I